heart tummy - How to Know If You Are Pregnant

You may be suspecting you’re pregnant. For some women, there are signs that can tell if you are really what you think.

However, these signs and symptoms can vary in many ways. It can differ in terms of frequency, duration, or intensity.

Remember that this is not going to ensure you’re pregnant. The following signs and symptoms we’ll be discussing are only made to serve as a guideline for potential mothers.

Sore Breasts

A sore breast may be a sign of pregnancy. This is a very significant symptom as it is mostly exclusive to pregnant women. It may occur as early as two weeks after conception and may be caused by the hormonal changes your body experiences.

fatigue - How to Know If You Are Pregnant


This is also a great sign for those wanting to if they’re pregnant. During early pregnancy, you may find yourself being easily tired and your energy seems to be going somewhere else. This, however, can occur for some disorders, too.

Slight Bleeding

Sometimes, you may find yourself slightly bleeding. This happens when the fertilized eggs attaches itself to the uterus lining. This might occur after 10 to 14 days after the main act of fertilization.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the classic symptoms of pregnancy. Usually, it occurs at least two weeks after formation. The main sign in this is that pregnant women may have heightened sense of smell.

food - How to Know If You Are Pregnant


This is already a given if you’ve heard of pregnancy signs and symptoms before. When you’re pregnant, you may find foods extra tempting especially fried foods. This is very common and your food preferences are messed up during pregnancy.


The extreme hormonal changes caused by early pregnancy may cause increased blood circulation. This in turn may result to mild headaches that will happen more frequently than normal.


In addition to the mild headaches you’ll be experiencing, you may also expect to be extra dizzy or lightheaded during early pregnancy. It will also trigger faintness due to hormonal changes that causes low blood sugar.


Due to the hormonal changes, particularly the increase in progesterone production makes it slower for food to pass through your intestines. As a result, you’ll be experiencing constipation more often.

pregnant test - How to Know If You Are Pregnant

Woman’s Intuition

This is not exactly proven scientifically, but this early pregnancy symptom is proven through lots of experience. Many women found that their intuition that they’re pregnant often ends up true.

Missed Period

This is perhaps the most obvious symptom of early pregnancy — you’ll miss a period. This might also be the first sign you’ll notice and drive you to search for other pregnancy symptoms.

While this is not always the case, some women will still experience a change in their periods. For instance, it might be lighter compared to usual. So check if you’ve experience some of the symptoms listed above to make sure if you really are pregnant.

If you think you haven’t learned the most you need to know about pregnancy, you can contact Mom Support about pregnancy. Whether you want to know how to handle early pregnancy, or learn the signs and symptoms, we’ve got you covered.

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