kid color hands - Keeping Your Child Healthy With Proper Hygiene

It’s very important to teach your child the proper way to maintain good hygiene so they can be healthier. After taking their first steps as a toddler, they’ll be interacting with a lot of kids their age. They’ll be energetic and do lots of activities together.

And after growing and experiencing puberty, their body will produce more oil. At that point, you’ll be glad you started teaching them proper hygiene since childhood.

So here are ways to teach your kids how to practice proper hygiene:

Cover Sneezes and Coughs

It’s already a given that germs can spread throughout our environment if not taken care of. Coughs and sneezes are one source of this and they are especially good at travelling far and wide. Make sure you teach your child and make it into their habit to cover their sneezes and coughs.

baby wash hands - Keeping Your Child Healthy With Proper Hygiene

Proper Hand Washing

Our hands are one of the most exposed parts of your body to germs. They play outside and handle various objects. There’s no doubt they’ll spread germs from their hands. That’s why hand washing is very important for proper hygiene, especially for kids given that they’re extra active. Make sure you tell them to wash their hands for more than 15 seconds and not just for 3 seconds (which they usually do).

Dental Health and Hygiene

It’s not only the external parts your kids should be taking care of. In fact, internal parts of your body such as your teeth and gums need to be taken care of more than your hands. This is because it can bring more significant effects. That said, get your child into the habit of brushing not only their teeth, but also their tongue three times a day.

Regular Bath Times

If your kids are going to school, encourage them to take evening baths. It will make it easier to prepare for tomorrow and it can also help them sleep more comfortably.

These are the four most important parts of teaching your child proper hygiene. When doing this, you need to be strict sometimes. Not only will it help them grow as a healthy kid, but it will also help them practice good discipline.

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